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Tales Of Dr. Funkenstein (by Fonkenstein)

“George didn’t just create funk sound… he created funk ATTITUDE.”


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But I do all the time and are definitely weird

  • Stick my finger in the cream cheese
  • That’s amateur, sometimes I like to play the “why don’t I just put this on a knife until I find something that might go well with this cream cheese” but there is nothing so I eat it off the knife
  • I bet butter…

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over it is the documentation of an ephemeral art piece that talks about overcoming disordered eating through the creation and consumption of a cake with a scale drawn on it with icing. Though its narrative is deeply personal, the experience is nearly universal in our image-obsessed culture with its narrow standards of feminine beauty.


29 Ways to Stay Creative, hmm, to stay or to be?


Peruvian Skulls
These odd elongated skulls originate from Peru. They were excavated in Nazca - close to the mysterious Nazca lines. As with the horned skull race, skeletal remains reveal that this race was extremely tall - up to nine feet in height. Similar skulls have been excavated in Mexico and are on display in museums. Some of the elongated skulls showed evidence of ancient brain surgery, suggesting an advanced knowledge and understanding of biology. Suggestions that the skulls were altered by a process of binding the skull in infancy, when the cranial bones are soft, encouraging them to grow into an un-natural shape, have been rejected. Nevertheless, skull binding cannot increase the internal capacity of the cranial void - and evidence points to the fact that in the case of the Peruvian and Mexican skulls, the cranial void is significantly larger than in a normal skull.

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this is why i am a feminist

This is why I’m a feminist as well, and also why I think what images we present in media, especially media targeted towards children and teens, is so important.

Even if, for some reason, seeing ‘feminist’ on this pushes you to scroll past, as I almost did, watch it anyway. 

Everybody needs to watch this. Now.

We’ve got to do better in order to make this happen. It’s high time we stop picking our highest power from 6% of this country’s people among other things. The media’s representation of the female gender and of people of color needs to change.

Kill your television.  Teach your sons and daughters to own their sexuality and enjoy the sexuality of others in healthy ways.  Beware of predators and media that supports them.

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From polar bears to solar Speedos, here are some cool ads with a green twist.

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gq <—:(via Miniature Trees Carved Out of Dead Books - 1-800-Recycling)

This is an amazing statement as well as a perfect reuse to a unfortunately far too often wasted thing. Reading is FUN! haha, saturday morning cartoons commercial style. Yep I just went there. Have a good night folks. It’s only onward from here…


Part of creating a new kind of bottle is creating a new kind of bottle company™

Amidst all the anxiety and confusion surrounding water bottles, we set out to make something different: a safe, durable bottle that works for both hot and cold beverages and—just maybe—makes our planet a little cooler, too. After many brainstorms, a few drawings on cocktail napkins, meticulous research and countless phone calls, one thing became obvious: go bamboo. It is as sleek as it is durable. It is as stylish as it is sensible. And it’s renewable.

No, it’s more than renewable—it’s practically inexhaustible.™ 
After all, in the time most people run a 5K, a bamboo shoot can grow an inch. In the time it takes to hike up and down a 4000-footer, it can grow a foot. And bamboo has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel.

At the crux of the design, we wanted to develop a bamboo bottle that guarantees a clean and crisp water taste, safe at all temperatures. We began with the smooth bamboo sleeve itself. After (seemingly) hundreds of impossibilities, we fell upon our first-of-its-kind design—an easily removable, dishwasher-safe, glass interior produced from completely natural substances and able to withstand active lifestyles.

Unlike plastics and metals that can leach chemicals into your drink, our BPA-free glass interior keeps your drink safe, clean tasting and insulated—hot or cold. The stylish, patent pending design allows for easy cleanup. Simply unscrew the top and bottom and slide the dishwasher-safe glass lining out.

But part of creating a new kind of bottle is creating a new kind of bottle company.

At Bamboo Bottle Company, we strive to be good stewards of this Earth. It’s one reason we chose bamboo. Bamboo minimizes carbon dioxide and generates up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. One hectare of bamboo scrubs 62 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Sometimes, good stewardship is doing the little things right, such as burning the logo in the bottle rather than using adhesives. And sometimes, for the big decisions, we need suggestions. We know we aren’t perfect. But we’re trying.

Let’s help each other. A sustainable lifestyle? We’ll drink to that!

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Verdict says.. probably not so good. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate the ink… and it can be used for printers and automobiles… I’m going to be finding a vegan friendly ink on my next tattoo expenditure… A list can be found on this website.